Deal with today's challenges. Get ahead of tomorrow's opportunities. 

H2HR Solutions works side-by-side with clients.

Our goal is to build morale, change or improve culture, and be a resource for all levels within the organization by providing customized, flexible HR consulting services to help protect and grow your business. H2HR Solutions can help with talent acquisition, leadership development, workforce planning, HR compliance, and employee engagement.  As your trusted HR partner, H2HR Solutions will assist you in achieving HR compliance with confidence.

Key HR services include:

HR Audits

Provide a thorough review of current policies and practices to identify gaps and design the most effective service strategy for your business.


Assist clients in maintaining compliance by providing guidelines on: recruiting and hiring, policy development, discipline and termination, benefits and leave administration, and pay practices.

Recruiting and Hiring

Complete part or all of the recruiting process including: placing ads, screening applicants, conducting pre-employment tests and background checks, preparing and extending offer letters, and on-boarding new employees.

Employee Handbooks

Develop customized handbooks to communicate policies and benefits to employees and help organizations comply with state and federal employment regulations.

Discipline and Termination

Guide managers through the disciplinary process, assisting in documenting issues and terminations, when necessary.

Workplace Investigations

Provide objective, neutral external investigation into employment complaints and accidents by promptly and thoroughly gathering facts and assisting organizations with finding solutions to workplace concerns.

Performance Management

Draft and update job descriptions and performance evaluations to set clear expectations for employees and enhance their performance.  Align performance management process with organization’s vision, mission and values.


I9 Audits and Personnel Files

Set-up customized personnel file systems and conduct I9 Audits to ensure forms are accurately completed and filed appropriately.

Cultural Development and Internal Branding

Work with clients to engage employees in building and improving an organization’s culture to temper and strengthen the connection between employee and employer.